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That's A Wrap!

We loved seeing 1,300 of you at Shoptalk Fall Meetup this October. See you next year!

Want to Grow Your Network?

Save time and travel, while connecting with exactly who you'd like to meet. Participate in impactful, 15 minute meetings and watch your network grow!

Retail's Must-Attend Fall Event

Shoptalk Fall Meetup makes it easy to meet new people, discover new organizations, uncover incredible opportunities, and much more through double opt-in meetings and peer discussions. Join us today for meetings that matter.

Take a walk through your experience at Shoptalk Fall Meetup

With thousands of retail industry professionals attending each year, Shoptalk Fall Meetup ensures you get to meet exactly who you want to meet. Learn more about who our attendees met last year, and explore who you can meet with this October.

Learn how it works!

Shoptalk Fall Meetup is all about making connections. Our technology and workflows make it easy to request meetings with others, opt-in to meeting requests you receive, and get meetings onto your calendar.

Shoptalk Fall Meetup was a smash. See you next year!

1,300 Retail industry professionals convened virtually to meet for 15-minute impactful meetings.


Didn't get a chance to attend? Join us this March in Las Vegas for Shoptalk, where 10,000 retail executives will take part in more than 50,000 on-site meetings!


What is Shoptalk Fall Meetup?


Shoptalk Fall Meetup is a one-of-a-kind, online meetings and collaboration event that brings a large group within the retail industry together for double opt-in meetings and small group discussions. It's a proven and productive way to connect online with both new and familiar faces, in a fun, friendly and open environment. Plus, it's incredibly efficient... you can have 3 months worth of meetings in just 3 half-days!

Shoptalk Fall Meetup is a unique networking experience designed to connect you with people you want to meet.

Our format is simple, featuring two ways to participate:

1. 15-Minute Speed Date Meetings

15-minute, double opt-in speed date video meetings with everyone from retailers and brands to large solution providers, disruptive startups, potential partners, prospective investors, and many others from across the retail ecosystem. Grow your network and get business done!


2. Interactive Tabletalks

Small peer group 55-minute discussions addressing the most pressing challenges and opportunities in retail right now. Tabletalks bring together 5-8 participants from retailers and brands to share insights, address issues and generate actionable takeaways. Get involved.


What You Can Do At Shoptalk Fall Meetup:

Meet potential customers, solution providers and


Discover the technology you need to empower your success


Uncover the newest and
hottest startups


Launch products, make
announcements and
share news


Build your network and
social capital


Meet Potential Investors 


Participate in or conduct interviews


Become or find a mentor


Find your next job or star employee


We're bringing together key areas of the retail industry:

See Who's Coming

Take a look at who you can expect to meet:

Job Function
Organization type

Here's what our attendees are saying about Shoptalk Fall Meetup: