Shoptalk Meetup for Women

Tue-Thurs,Sept 13-15, 2022 11:00 am-1:45 pm ET (4:00 pm-6:45 pm BST)

What is Shoptalk Fall Meetup?

A fun, productive way to connect online with the retail community through meetings and interactive small-group content. Shoptalk Fall Meetup lets you engage with the people you know and meet the people you don’t—-in a friendly and open environment. Fall Meetup includes 2,500+ participants from the US and European retail communities.

You’ll get to:

  • Reach out to thousands of industry changemakers to share your ideas and request meetings, and hear from them about how they’d like to work with you
  • Participate in 15-minute meetings* with mutual matches—the only double opt-in meetings program you’ll find
  • Join expert or moderator-led 55-minute “Tabletalks”— group conversations on pressing issues facing the industry
  • Get post-event introductions for your high priority matches that weren’t scheduled as meetings
* Average of 8-12 meetings

Shoptalk Fall Meetup takes place on Sept 13-15, 2022 (Tue-Thurs) from 11:00 am - 12:45 pm ET, (that’s 4:00 pm-5:45 pm BST for our European participants). You can choose the slots you’re available during these times and plan to join about 3-4 hours of meetings and Tabletalks over the course of the three day event.

Shoptalk Meetup

Who’s joining? (Everybody!)

Thousands of your customers, partners, prospects, coworkers and friends will be there, and you should be too!
Join 2,500+ US and European retail and ecommerce changemakers!

Retailers & Brands

Startup Direct-to-Consumer Companies

Solution Providers & Tech Companies

Startup Tech Companies

Investors & Lenders

Media & Sell Side Analysts

Real Estate Developers

Agencies, Consulting & Analyst Firms

People in Transition

Curated Experts

Why is Everyone Joining?

They’re joining to do what every community does to move forward--work together, learn from each other and collaborate.

Shoptalk Fall Meetup includes a version of our world-famous Hosted Retailers & Brands Program, but it’s very different because it focuses on all of the interactions you have on-site at Shoptalk and Shoptalk Europe--not just lead gen. Here’s what you’ll get to do:

With existing clients With existing vendors and partners Reconnect with old friends

Meet new potential partners Source new vendors and solutions Sell products and services Hire talent

Make announcements and share news Launch new products Conduct media and analyst interviews Interview industry executives for press coverage

Seek career opportunities Meet headhunters Get resume feedback and sharpen interview skills Get an executive coach for personal and leadership development Find a mentor

55 minute expert or moderator-led group conversations, the most engaging virtual event content available today You choose the topics you’re interested in from a selection of the most pressing issues facing the retail industry Exchange contact information with group participants and continue the conversations offline

Be a mentor Partner with nonprofits Support diversity, equity and inclusion Support environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives Learn about mental health initiatives

Reach out to venture and strategic investors Reach out to startups raising capital Reach out to potential acquirers Reach out to potential acquisition targets

Why everyone is joing

Now that you know what Shoptalk Fall Meetup is, a few words about what it isn’t. Shoptalk Fall Meetup isn’t a virtual conference or webinar...those are commonplace now, and we’re anything but common.

Where is everyone joining from?

Shoptalk Meetup
austria finland israel poland switzerland
belgium france italy portugal UK
canada germany luxembourg spain USA
denmark ireland netherlands sweden

How it works:

Select People You Want to Request to Meet & Select Expert or Moderator-Led Group Conversations

It’s Time to Meetup! Engage in Video-Conference Meetings & Tabletalks

How Shoptalk Meetup works

Get Your Ticket, Complete Your Profile and Tell Us Your Availability

How Shoptalk Meetup works

Select People You Want to Request to Meet & Select Expert or Moderator-Led Group Conversations

How Shoptalk Meetup works

Opt-In to New Meeting Requests You Receive

How Shoptalk Meetup works

It’s Time to Meetup! Engage in Video-Conference Meetings & Tabletalks

How Shoptalk Meetup works

Get Additional Email Introductions