Shoptalk Fall Meetup is all about making connections

Let the Network Effect Unfold Before You.

Shoptalk Fall Meetup is not a webinar or virtual conference, it is a tech-enabled Meetings and Collaboration event. Shoptalk Fall Meetup brings together change makers in the retail industry and uses proprietary technology to ensure that you will be matched with exactly who you want to meet, and who wants to meet you, all via pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings and Tabletalks.



15-minute, 1-on-1 video calls with industry peers, investors, and vendors from across the retail ecosystem. 




Small peer group 55-minute discussions addressing the most pressing challenges and opportunities in retail right now. Get involved.


How Does It Work?


Get Your Ticket and Refer Your Colleagues!

Complete Your Profile and Share Details About Yourself and Why You are Attending

Tell Us Your Availability, You Will Only be Scheduled for Meetings and Tabletalks when you are available.


Review the Profiles for Our Entire Attendee List and Select Participants Who You Are Interested in Meeting With

Cherry-Pick Your Top Meeting Requests So That they are prioritized when we start our scheduling

Select Topics for the Peer Group Discussions That You are Interested In Joining


Review Your Full List of Meeting Requests and Opt-In to the Requests You Are Interested In.

Each Meeting You have is Double Opt-In, ensuring that each meeting is valuable!


It’s Meetings Time!

Build Your Network, Grow Your Business, and Propel Your Career Forward by Engaging in 1:1, 15-minute Video-Conference Meetings & 55-minute small group discussions called Tabletalks


Following the event, receive email intros for up to 8 high value mutual matches that weren’t scheduled as meetings. What’s high value, you ask? That’s when you and the other person both say you’re Very Interested in meeting each other.


Who will be at
the event?

Thousands of your customers, partners, prospects, coworkers and friends will be there, and you should be too!

Join 1,000+ retail changemakers!

How much does
it cost?

The earlier you register, the less it costs! Ticket prices also vary depending on your registration category, from free for qualified retailers and brands, up to $1,895 as we get close to the event. 


How many meetings
will I get?

As we approach the event, you’ll be able to reach out to thousands of industry changemakers to share your ideas and request meetings, and hear from them about how they’d like to work with you. Our attendees average 8-12, 15-minute meetings with mutual matches across 3 days.

What else does the
program offer?

Post-event introductions for your high priority matches that weren’t scheduled as meetings.

Sponsorship opportunities - find your next lead at Shoptalk Fall Meetup!

Free Tickets




Individuals from established retailers and brands may qualify for complimentary tickets as part of our Hosted Retailers & Brands Program. Join us to learn about the latest technologies, trends and business models as well as to collaborate with peers, startups, tech companies, investors, and others in an open, friendly environment. Space is limited, so apply early. 

Admission to the Hosted Retailers & Brands Program is subject to approval.

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