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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Make Your Announcements at Retail Meetups

Retail Meetups engage thousands of participants from hundreds of organizations across the retail industry in 1:1 meetings!

In addition to executives from retailers, brands, tech companies and investors, the industry’s leading media and sell side analysts will be joining us! Previous attendees include reps from Barclays, Bloomberg, CB Insights, Coresight, Ensemble IQ, Forbes Media, Insider Intelligence, Progressive Grocer, RetailWire, Morgan Stanley, Jefferies Group, and Retail Insider. 

We recommend you make an announcement as part of your Retail Meetups participation to help get the spotlight on you! Here’s how you can do that:

1. Prepare Now! Making an announcement definitely requires preparation, so we recommend getting started now. You’ll need to include your Announcement while you are in the ‘Complete Meetings Profile’ stage (usually 3 weeks before the Retail Meetup event dates). We will share your announcement to all attendees during the ‘Select Participants for Meeting Requests’ stage. 

  • What Should You Share? Any New News! Here are some examples:

    • Customers you've signed
    • Executives you’ve hired

    • Research you’re releasing

    • M&A activity you’ve completed

    • Funding you’ve raised

    • Products and features you're launching

    • Partnerships you’ve secured

Remember, the more newsworthy your announcement is, the more it will increase the number of meeting requests you receive from others and the opt-ins you get to your requests! 

Please note that Media and Employees in Transition participants are unable to make announcements.

2. Add Your Announcement —AKA, Get It Out to the People! You can do this while you are in the ‘Complete Meetings Profile’ stage (usually 3 weeks before the Retail Meetup event dates). 

  • Just complete the following fields as part of your participant profile:

    • I am making an announcement or sharing news about (required, select announcement type from list)

    • Summary of the announcement or news (required, 300 characters max)

    • Any relevant link (optional, url link to relevant document or website)


For sponsors, if your organization has designated an Organization Admin, they can create or edit individual participants’ announcements on their behalf.

If your organization has multiple participants, all participants who can speak to the announcement should include it as part of their individual profiles. The more the merrier! And please note that organizations can make more than one announcement, but each individual from that organization can include only one announcement in his or her profile. As with all profile details, we reserve the right to reject any announcement.

3. When is Your Announcement Shared? Your announcement will be shared to all attendees during the ‘Select Participants for Meeting Requests’ stage in a predefined Featured List called 'Announcements and News'.

4. Spill the Tea to Everyone at Retail Meetups! Align your Retail Meetups Announcement with your Big News. We want the latest and greatest! Give Retail Meetup participants the latest scoop on your company when we share your news the morning that we begin our ‘Select Participants for Meeting Requests’ stage. Think of it as another promotional outlet to add to your blog post, press release, social media posts, email campaign, TikTok, etc. Your internal media/comms team/external PR firm/mom should help create your announcement consistent with our guidelines. And don’t forget to tell everyone that you’re participating in Retail Meetups —that’ll give them a way to connect to ask you questions about your news! 

5. Media and Analyst Interviews: We expect 100 media and equity analysts to participate! A full list of participating media and analysts will be available during the ‘Select Participants for Meeting Requests’ stage through a Featured List called “Connect with Media & Sell Side Analysts”. 

Media and analyst interviews about your announcement can come about in the following three ways:

  • Media & Analyst Interviews Outside of Retail Meetups. Self-promoting your announcement may result in you conducting media and analyst interviews in advance of Retail Meetups. Retail Meetups don't play any role in these interviews.

  • Media & Analysts Reaching Out to You Using the Retail Meetups Platform. If media and analyst participants request interviews with you via the Retail Meetups Platform and you accept these requests, any resulting scheduled meetings must take place as part of Retail Meetups.

  • You Reaching Out to Media & Analysts using the Retail Meetups platform. If you want to meet with any of the media and analysts participating in Retail Meetups, you can send them a meeting request using our platform (during the ‘Select Participants for Meeting Requests’ stage). You should provide a thoughtful and targeted reason for requesting a meeting since they’ll need to opt-in to your request. Any resulting scheduled meetings must take place as part of Retail Meetups.


An Important Note: Getting attention from the media can be exciting! But if you make or receive a request from the media through Retail Meetups, please do not also reach out to them outside of our platform with respect to their request—media and analysts do not respond well to this kind of outreach or mass emails (no one likes spam!), and we reserve the right to terminate the participation of anyone (and their organization) who does this. 

We hope you understand that whether media, analysts or any other Retail Meetups participants choose to interview or meet with you is based entirely on you and the substance of your announcement and we cannot, of course, guarantee interviews, meetings or coverage.

As always, feel free to tag us on social media activities relating to your announcement as follows: 


Instagram: @shoptalkevents @groceryshopevents
LinkedIn: @retailmeetup @groceryshop @shoptalk
Official Tags: #shoptalkmeetup


Additional Information and Questions

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