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Let us make it happen!

Let us make it happen!

Shoptalk Fall Meetup makes it easy to meet new people, uncover incredible opportunities, and much more through curated double opt-in meetings and peer discussions. Meet new people and make lifelong connections.
Want to grow your retail connections?

Want to grow your retail connections?

Speak with new people, and the people you most want to meet!

Have something to share?

Have something to share?

Do you consider yourself an expert in the field? We’d love to hear from you. Apply to become one of our experts today!

What is Shoptalk Fall Meetup?


Shoptalk Fall Meetup is a one-of-a-kind, online meetings and collaboration event that brings a large group within the retail industry together for curated, double opt-in meetings and small group discussions. It's a proven and productive way to connect online with both new and familiar faces, in a fun, friendly and open environment. Plus, it's incredibly efficient... you can have 3 months worth of meetings in just 3 half-days!

Shoptalk Fall Meetup is a unique networking experience designed to match you with people you'd most like to connect with.

We are here to help you navigate the ever-changing retail industry by staying on top of industry trends, growing a robust network, and exceeding your professional development goals.

Our format is simple, featuring two ways to participate:

1. Curated 1:1 Meetings

15-minute, 1-on-1 video calls with industry peers, investors, and vendors from across the retail ecosystem.



2. Interactive Tabletalks

Small peer group 55-minute discussions addressing the most pressing challenges and opportunities in retail right now. Get involved.


Through meetings and small group discussions, you'll get to:

Touch Base

hey hey 

  • With existing clients
  • With existing vendors and partners
  • Reconnect with old friends

Be a Mentor or Mentee


  • Be a mentor to rising stars
  • Be mentored by an veteran industry executives

Hit Key Business Targets


  • Meet new potential partners
  • Source new suppliers, vendors and technology solutions
  • Sell products and services

Make Headlines


  • Make announcements and share news
  • Launch new products
  • Conduct media and analyst interviews

Make the World a Better Place


  • Learn about and discuss diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Learn about and discuss environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives
  • Partner with nonprofits

Climb Ladders


  • Seek career opportunities
  • Get an executive coach for personal and leadership development

We're bringing together key areas of the retail industry:

Take a look at who you can expect to meet:

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